Welcome to Scape Skydeck

Experience sumptuous dishes.

For those with pure food indulgence in mind, come satisfy your desires with our internationally-inspired plates. We love food, lots of different food, and drinks, just like you. 

Dine with quality service.

Our team is composed of professional Kitchen and F&B staffs that come from upscale hotels and restaurants in the metro giving Scape Skydeck an extra edge from other restaurants.

Enjoy classy ambiance.

Dig into our gastronomic dishes while enjoying the magnifique view of the Mactan Channel and the city at night. Scape Skydeck brings you a new level of dining with class and style.

Our Menu

Aglio Olio Peppero Php320

Bakalaw + black olives + anchovies + capers + garlic + chilli flakes + spaghetti

Ceviche Php310

Marinated raw mackerel + onions + tomato + chilli finger + sweet potato chips

Flash fried squid + spring pappardelle Php280
Hot Tofu + Ebi Tempura + Char Siu + Blackened Wanton Crisp + Dashi Broth Php290
Salmon + Mahi mahi carpaccio + Tiradito + Ponzu Php345
Soft Shell Crab Tempura+Crab Fat w/ Coconut Milk+Rice Sticks+Roti Php385
Ahi Poke Salad Php380

Ahi tuna + wakame + carrots + jicama + cucumber + spring onions + onions + mustard miso

Caesar Salad Php375

Mixed greens + grilled chicken with mustard miso + baguette wafer + shaved parmesan + bacon strip + poached egg + caesar dressing

Oriental Salad Php375

Mixed greens + mandarin wedges + snow peas + jicama + pork floss + tofu + shrimp + wanton crisps + asian dressing

Summer Salad Php345

Mixed greens + orange wedges + pears + apple + watermelon + kesong puti + bleu cheese + beet root puree + candied almonds + wild berries vinaigrette

Beef curry + basmati rice + roti Php495
Chicken tikka masala + basmati rice + roti Php540
Lamb chops + potato marble + mint jelly + peppercorn sauce +sweet potato chips + chimichuri + bokchoy + french beans Php1200
Miso marinated Black salmon + pumpkin puree + potato hash + straw mushroom Php475
Oven-baked chicken + Shiitake risotto + Chimichurri + Baby rockets Php495
Pan-seared salmon + Beurre blanc Php515
Peppered chops + Sweet corn mash + Red bell pepper coulis + Onion sauce + Salsa verde puree Php485
Pork escalope +strawmushroom + marble potato + hungarian sausage + red and green bell pepper + cherry tomato Php350
Aglio Olio Peppero Php320

Bakalaw + black olives + anchovies + capers + garlic + chilli flakes + spaghetti

Aligue Marinara Php365

Crab fat + mussels + shrimp + fish + fettucine

Bolognese Pasta Php320

Meat sauce + spaghetti

Fusilli Sausage Php350

Sausage + creamy tomato + bell pepper + onions

Linguine Vongole Php375

Clams + white wine + chilli flakes + garlic + linguine

Truffle Carbonara Php345

Truffle cream + smoked ham + spaghetti

Zingara Php350

Grilled chicken + creamy tomato + fettucine

Bianca Php475

Pineapple + ham + bacon + shiitake

Carne Php490

Pepperoni + salami + chorizo + ham + bacon + bell pepper + onions

Double Margherita Php320

Double cheese + tomatoes + basil

Farmhouse Php480

Grilled chicken + garlic + onions + bell pepper + bbq sauce

Five Spice Php490

Jalapeno + roasted bell pepper + chilli con carne + chipotle

Four Cheese Garlic Php490
Parma and a Rocket Php485
Skydeck Royal Php545

Ham + sun dried tomato + pepperoni + bacon + shrimp + pineapple + hungarian + black olives + green bell pepper + white onion ring

Cioppino + Sour dough bowl Php290
Crab bisque + Shiitake cream + Sweet corn foam Php270
Tri mushroom + Foie gras Php280
Chocolate Dome Php300
Double Mango Crémeux Dark Chocolate Baileys Php350
Green Tea Cheesecake Php290
Pistachio Sans Rival Php320
Ube Creme Decadence Php245
Vanilla Panna Cotta Strawberry Mousse in Crystal Glass Php350
Buffalo Wings Php385
Chicken Croquettes Php310
Fresh Spring Roll Php290
Japanese Connection Php515

Unagi + smoked salmon + quail egg + parma ham + sukiyaki beef + duck breast + chicken satay + mango cucumber

Nachos Carnitas Php375
Pig Ears Php480
Sliders Php550

Cheese burger + pulled pork + roast beef

Truffle Mushroom Croquettes Php310
Dry Vermouth100
Sweet Vermouth100
AZON’s SPECIALTY (Signature Drinks) Php
Skydeck's Fizz150

Gin, Triple Sec, Lemon, Sugar

Azon's Craze180

Mango, Orange, Ginger, Cream

Scape's Smash180

Vodka, Cucumber, Watermelon

BEER (Imported) Php
BEER (local) Php
San Miguel Pilsen85
San Miguel Light85
San Miguel Super Dry85
Cerveza Negra85
Draft Beer85
Hennessey VSOP300
Hennessey XO750
Remy Martin XO730
Remy Martin VSOP240
Martel VSOP300
Gilbey's Gin80
Peach Schnapps120
Grand Marnier130
Disarono Amaretto120
Bacardi Black90
Bacardi Light70
Bacardi Gold70
Bacardi 151110
Captain Morgan110
Cachaca 51110
Don Papa150
Havana Club 3 years 110
Tanduay Dark 5 years65
Tanduay Light65

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